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Exec. Director’s Message

Message from the Executive Director

In 2012, JFS served the community well, meeting increased demands for assistance while coming in under budget. Looking ahead, JFS, like many nonprofits, faces a significant challenge. Over the last ten years, JFS has seen a substantial decline in grant funding primarily from government and Federation: yet request for services are up.

According to the Brookings Institute, poverty is growing twice as quickly in suburbs than in urban communities. We repeat the mantra: they’re hungry; they’re your neighbors; they need your help. The increased use of our Food Pantry and Kosher Meals on Wheels program reflects the growth in concrete needs for people living in the community.

Support for JFS’ vital work is strong, evidenced by increased donor contributions; but individuals cannot make up ofor the decline in grant funding. Partnerships and collaborations are the only way to effectively carry out our mission. Technology has to be increasingly used to create efficiencies. But at a certain point, doing more with less becomes less effective.

So how does JFS move forward? We are focusing on strategic innovation: business opportunities to fund the core mission work. Whether expanding our Club Ed Aftershool program or partnering with hospitals and others to provide integrated care under the new Affordable Care Act, we are poised to respond to the changing landscape and not depend on the stretched grant dollar.

JFS staff, Trustees and volunteers all work tirelessly to meet the mission. Only with your compassion, commitment and investment is JFS able to continue to grow. As is said in Pirkei Avot 1:17, “It is not what one says but rather what one does that makes all the difference in the word.”

Thank you for making the difference.


Executive Director