JFS Bergen


Information and Referrals 

Providing help and guidance to more than 230 people each month.


Behavioral Health Counseling 

Through individual, family, couple and group counseling, empowering  people to achieve their fullest potential.


Elder Care Services 

Enhancing quality of life for over 400 elders each month through: Kosher meals delivery; Holocaust survivor assistance; and care management.


Afterschool Programs 

Keeping over 300 school children engaged every day.


The Living Room 

Improving health and wellness for the 2,000 people who visit yearly through: JACS; community events; therapy groups; and support groups.


Aid and Advocacy 

Helping more than 60 families each month meet the financial and life challenges they are facing.





For Assistance:

  • Call and ask for IRA – Information and Referrals at: 201-837-9090 or;
  • Email IRA@jfsbergen.org.